WWWTrax Information

WWWTrax is my cgi-bin web-based Trax game machine. At the moment you can only play against someone who's sitting next to you, IE using the same browser on the same computer, sharing the mouse, etc. With a bit of moral support and a bit of free time I hope to improve it so you can play against someone sat halfway around the world by recording your moves on the server.

To play WWWTrax you will need a web browser that's capable of handling GRAPHICS and TABLES. You do NOT need java or any other sun sales gimmick ;-)

I'm not going to recommend Netscrape, because it's large, slow, and bloated, but hell, it does the job.

To those who've actually played Trax and understand the notation, everything ought to be incredibly obvious and you ought to be able to just start playing now. The rest of you ought to look at Donald Bailey's Trax Resources or Chaz's Trax pages where you'll find the rules, some tactical hints, info on where to buy real sets of tiles, and everything. Once you've read that lot you ought to understand how to play the game.

If you find any bugs in WWWTrax, first take a look at the "under development" version, then report any bugs to Nick Waterman - Email Me


Nick Waterman - Email Me